about weehah

Louisa Wimberger


It all started with a trip to Seattle in 1996. I wandered into a paper and stamp store in Pioneer Square, browsed for over an hour, and bought one stamp. I used it on everything I could think of, making up reasons that something “needed” a design on it.

When I moved to Boston for graduate school, my studio apartment was just two blocks away from a yummy shop that sold great papers, cool inks, and lots of embellishments. While I loved working on my degree, I must admit that I found myself distracted.

In 1997, I moved to Charlottesville, Virginia (an amazing and dreamy little city) “for one year” but stayed for 12. For the first seven years, I taught high school English and journalism. While I loved my time in the classroom, the card and custom invitation orders kept coming, mostly through word of mouth. I started selling at markets, shows, boutiques, and shops. In June 2004, I left teaching to pursue this more fully, and it feels great!

weehah cardsNow I’m back in New England, closer to my family and the water. I design and create greeting cards, personalized notes, custom invitations and announcements. My customers learn about me through shows, shops, friends, or because a weehah item has found its way to their mailboxes.

Oh, and about the name . . . I named this whole endeavor “weehah”, which is a family nickname (my then-two-year-old niece couldn’t pronounce my first name, Louisa). It is fun for me because it has sentimental value while also conveying the enthusiasm I feel about making cards.